Garden décor: fairies and fancy stuff

Garden décor: fairies and fancy stuff

The rain and storms in recent days are doing wonders for my garden – everything is a riot of colour. My friend Pete who is the main force behind the design of my new water feature (which hopefully will be finished within a week!) says the plants love the nitrogen in the air that comes from the storms. Whatever the reason, my roses are blooming, my birch trees are no longer looking like long sticks stuck in the ground, the stock and delphiniums are in towering abundance, and even my new gladioli are poking through.

Wolf fairy

I mentioned in a previous post that instead of having gnomes in my garden I actually have fairies. The above is a recent addition. Wolf fairy is about 60 cm tall and quite heavy (in case appearances are deceiving). At last count I have eight other large fairies  scattered about my garden (images of some of them appear in this post). PegasusTheoretically, I don’t think many of them are meant to go outside but they don’t quite match my internal décor, so outside it is! I do spray them with a clear lacquer to preserve the colour and make sure they are secured adequately so they don’t fall.

Another form of garden decoration I undertake is, I suppose, also unusual – I hang crystal suncatchers around. I’ve been making my own now for several years. Maybe every six months or so I will think my garden needs more sparkle, and I’ll jump online to Sunset Crystals and buy a supply of crystals, then I spend the next several days making up suncatchers. I usually only buy Swarovski crystals because I find they hold their colour and flash effect, and don’t break easily or at all. I would have suncatchers that are five years old outside which are still as sparkly as the day I made them. You do need to wipe them down fairly regularly or spray them with the hose, however I find that’s all the maintenance I need to do.

I also only use Tigertail for stringing as it’s tough yet malleable and doesn’t rust.

Sunset Crystals have all the tools and supplies you need to make suncatchers and even kits and instruction videos.

My designs and colour choices are fairly random which makes buying the crystals easier (there are so many options), but of course you can be colour-coordinated if you like – for me personally I have so much variation in colour in the form of flowers  that it doesn’t really matter what colour crystals I have hanging around. If I am trying though to give the illusion of water (for example I made a variation of this watering can ornament),watering can then I will use only blue and Aurora Boreale crystals. With wolf fairy I have made a delicate suncatcher to hang off her spear which is predominantly red, pink and Aurora Boreale (the Aurora Boreale are a diamond-like crystal) – giving the effect of dripping blood. A bit gruesome I know, but it brings the fairy to life almost.

Having suncatchers in the garden has an amazing effect. Even on the stillest day you can’t miss the delicate flashes here and there, and when it’s breezy the whole garden is alive with sparkle. It’s also a quick and simple craft to undertake, with a spectacular end result.