30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 2

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: things that make you happy

This is an easy one.

Being at my wonderful home makes me happy. Specifically, sitting on my back deck and absorbing the stunning vista before me, the sun warm, seeing the horses grazing contentedly in the paddock, hearing the geese and chickens going about their business. Watching the wild birds feeding at the feeder —  who is it today? The rainbow lorikeets? Galahs? White cockatoos? Yogi snoring at my feet in the sun, Charlie there too but giving Yogi his space as she usually does, even though she is probably yearning to be close to me as well. (I have written about Yogi and Charlie in the Animal Life section of this blog). My garden thriving, kids doing their thing inside, a good book on my lap.

Writing also makes me happy. Whether I’m writing or researching or pitching a feature, writing a children’s story or firing off a random paragraph of my novel, even this darned blog, I enter another happy world.

Happiness is reading (Stock photo)

Same effect with reading. But — oh my, it has to be a good book. A poor book really gets me down. I read Where the Crawdads Sing a short while back because it was getting so much hype, but I hated it. It was so tedious and the characters so annoying. I was definitely not happy reading that book. Then I moved onto The Split by Clare Mackintosh and loved it. In hindsight it probably has some minor faults but I was so happy reading it. Same with The Testaments. I love it when the book I’m reading just beckons no matter what else is competing for my attention, and the book wins.

Anne Bonny and ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham

Watching something on Netflix or Stan with Jenna makes me happy. Currently we are watching an episode each day of Black Sails. I found it a little hard to get into at first, that series —  wasn’t sure what was going on in the first few episodes but now I love it. My favourite characters are Anne Bonny and Jack Rackham.

The tools of needle-felting

Gardening and playing my piano make me happy, and doing something crafty. Currently I’m teaching myself to needle felt. I’m absolutely absorbed in it. I love the feel of the beautiful soft natural wool fibre, and there is something very therapeutic about stabbing something viciously with a very sharp needle, as long as it’s not my fingers (which has happened a lot). My first attempts were terrible, but now I am quite good — thank goodness for You Tube and Pinterest. At the moment I’m addicted to making Sarafina’s Sleepy Mice.

That’s it for Day 2.