30-Day Writing Challenge – Day 1

30-Day Writing Challenge – Day 1

I thought to keep this blog moving along with a steady commitment in doing so, I would undertake a 30-day writing challenge that cropped up on my Pinterest feed.

Day 1 is “Describe your personality”.

I find this actually quite difficult to tackle. You describe yourself as something ‘good’ and it comes across as vain. You list something ‘bad’ and it’s probably tokenism to offset the vainness. Therefore, in the interests of being truthful I will relay what others most often say about me and will blurt out what is presently at the forefront of my mind about my personality.

The latter first. The first thing that popped into my mind was ‘impulsive, defensive and fiery’. This is because whereas usually I believe I’m quite calm, if I’m confronted with someone who annoys me or is attacking me or my children, I will lose my temper without counting to ten  – well, kind of. I don’t rant and rave, but I can be very forceful. On the flip side, I cool down very quickly and inevitably I apologise. This was only in the forefont of my mind because it happened a few days ago. Had to deal with a very hostile caller at work (not a client) and he was so annoying that I snapped back at him. I regretted it after and ended up apologising (didn’t get one from him, mind you, and he was pretty terrible) and all was good in the end, but it got me down that I can be ‘impulsive, defensive and fiery’. I would much rather be serene all the time.

I also thought of this description because I lost my serenity at someone from work several months ago because she did an exceptionally bad job at drafting some Wills. This was someone who did a law degree and presumably therefore had an understanding of grammar and the English language. Mind you, I have my doubts about the standards required of law students these days but we won’t go there at the moment. Anyway, after about her fifth Will draft where it became painfully obvious that (a) this employee doesn’t know how to read instructions or transpose them effectively into a Will, and (b) this employee doesn’t think, and (c) this employee had no idea how to spell and had no grasp of grammar, I didn’t stop to count to ten and took the hardline with her.  I felt sorry about it almost immediately afterwards but only for upsetting her, not for what I said —  because it was the truth and lawyers quite simply cannot be like that, not to mention that it’s my business and my money and my family that are ultimately at stake. But I could have said it more diplomatically I suppose.  Mind you, I do have to say neither of the other directors would have been “diplomatic”. Maybe men can get away with being forceful more than women can. I overheard the receptionist once describing another woman who I know as being “passive aggressive”. Because it was work-related I asked her what she meant, and when she told me, from what I could tell all the other woman had done was quite strongly and frankly stand up for herself and also her business. I told the receptionist to check the definition of “passive aggressive” which to her credit she did and she admitted she got it wrong. I find that “passive aggressive” is a term used most often by women to bring other (strong) women down, and “narcissist” likewise to bring down men and other women.  It really annoys me. When I have a client who trots out the “narcissist” tag about her former spouse (I do family law), I like to say, if appropriate, that I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist so I’m not qualified to make that diagnosis. That generally shuts them up.

Okay, how do others describe me? The first word that came into my head was “intelligent”. The second one was “kind” and the third one was “gentle”. My best friend also said to me the other day that I was “quirky”. In relation to the latter, he said it because I find things funny that most people don’t and often it’s related to the written word, like a play on words or how something is written even if it’s a mistake.  I saw a sign once that said “No Trespassing unless written permission”.  Hilarious. .And another one: “Warning. Do not make the chooks angry. They can be real peckers”. I nearly bought that one in Bunnings the other day.

So, stay tuned for Day 2