Checking in

Checking in

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated – had all good intentions however something always took priority or was otherwise preoccupying me.

It’s not hard to guess what many Australians have been preoccupied with in recent months. The drought became progressively worse, at least where I am. It got to the point where I no longer enjoyed sitting out on my back deck as the desert-like landscape complete with puddle dams was very disheartening. And then the fires came. We were not affected here, except for a few days of thick smoke haze and constantly casting wary examinations of the bushland around. We also established a fire plan for the animals/pets – Charlie and Ness come with me in my car, Yogi and Lucy in Jenna’s car, I open the gates and cut the wire at the bottom of the paddock for the horses so they can escape. I moved my important documents into the filing cabinet in my office at work…I’m not really possession-obsessed so aside from my piano I didn’t really care about anything else other than the offspring and the animals, and I can’t do anything about my piano, so that would have to be an unavoidable sacrifice in the event of a fire…


In any event, then the rain came. Many days of torrential, steady rain. It was absolutely glorious. Now everything is green and the dams are full. However, the whole experience with the climate and the fires has been very sobering.

After rain last week at my place, Dam is now full, grass thick and emerald green

In addition to that, I have had a fairly intense few months of work-related issues. The business has changed operations and not before time – I already feel that a great deal of the stress of the preceding three and a half years has been lifted.

I’ve also been preoccupied with feature-writing and plugging away at my novel (more on that later).

Anyway, all that combined meant that I really didn’t have the focus required to update this blog, even though I wanted to. I should probably commit to being more active and focussed with it, including with all that SEO stuff and so-forth *sigh*.

So, about the feature-writing. My latest article (or an abbreviation thereof) appeared in the latest edition of MindFood magazine. It’s about craftivism. The original did include a short focus on the crochet coral reef, the brain child of Christine and Margaret Wertheim however this part did not make it to the magazine.

See my article about craftivism in this edition. ‘The Handmade Tale’

I also completed a feature on the Uluru Statement of the Heart and Constitutional reform. So keep an eye out for that in the future.

This long weekend I promised myself I would concentrate on my novel. I look back on my initial work I did for it, and can’t believe how much it’s changed, and still technically I am on the first draft!

I hope this will suffice for an update, even if it is mere blathering.