Day of Saturn

Day of Saturn

I look forward to Saturdays SO MUCH.

Especially when the preceding weekend was pretty much a write-off as far as heat and smoke-haze is concerned, which was the case last weekend.

Which brings me to today, and what has become my usual pattern for Saturdays which I will bore everyone to tears in relating (the few readers I have, anyway!)

As usual Nessie comes into my room and wakes me up around five am by licking my foot or arm or whatever part of my skin may be exposed and within reach. Nessie is my sister’s dog who we have been looking after for about four months now while my sister and her husband are travelling. She’s an old border collie and is very sweet. She’s settled in really well, although I always feel sorry for dogs who are separated from their “packs”. They seem happy enough but there’s an element of reserve – or sadness? – about them. That’s why I would never do it to my dogs. The very thought of giving Yogi or Charlie away, even temporarily, makes me feel quite distressed for them (Yogi’s and Charlie’s stories are available in the Animal Life chapter of this blog).

Anyway, back to topic. So, Nessie wakes me up and I get up to let her outside. Because Loopy doesn’t like female dogs, I can only let Nessie and Charlie out the back and not the front where Loopy lives. Charlie usually follows Nessie out, but not Yogi who takes a bit longer to wake up. I then make myself a coffee, and sit in my “writing chair” in the living room.  Because I have a no electronics rule in the bedroom (except for my Kindle), I usually only then look at my emails on my phone. These days I am usually working my way through some online course, so I will then do some coursework. At around 6, I take Charlie and Nessie for a walk. Yogi sometimes comes out at this point but doesn’t seem interested in going for a walk, although lately I’m wondering whether I should give it a go with him, it’s just that he’s a bit hobbly these days.

After I return from the walk, I feed the horses, water the garden, then feed Nessie. Nessie is the only one of the dogs to have a meal in the morning as she’s on medication which she has to have in the morning and with food. She was attacked by a kangaroo some years ago, virtually ripped apart. My sister probably spent a fortune on vet bills patching her together, and now Nessie has to be on pain medication her whole life.  Poor thing. Anyway, after that, I return to my writing chair and write some of my novel. I always find writing the novel an interesting experience as, even though I love doing it while I’m actually doing it, I very definitely experience a reluctance to open up my lap top and just write it. I think in part I’m afraid of writing crap or having a writer’s block. So, I do that until around 9, then I get myself another coffee and go out on the back deck (this part I do not do if it’s hot or there is bushfire smoke around – last weekend there was both – as it’s very unpleasant). I don’t do much on the deck, just think and look at the view.

After a stint on the back deck, I will do gardening for a short while, whatever needs to be done. As an aside, I have a beautiful “yellow garden” at the moment which I’m proud of – they are climbing yellow bunny rose trees with yellow gladioli at their base.  Then it’s back to my “writing chair”. At this point, I will tackle something other than my novel – whether it be a feature I’m writing or some copy, or (maybe now) this blog. I’ll do this until lunch time, when I then will go to get anything I need from Coles or rural supplies or Bunnings, and pick up lunch for the kids. Then it’s back to my “writing chair”, where I return to my novel for an hour, then it’s back outside to the garden for another hour – and for the rest of the day I alternate like that although I don’t garden when it’s dark. I try to avoid TV or my phone on Saturdays and really try and get a lot of writing done.  Mainly because it’s the only day of the week when I can be productive in that way.

One of my beautiful roses

It might sound a dreary sort of day – but to be honest, if I could live every day like that, I would.