Unwelcome Visitors

Unwelcome Visitors

I know, it’s been an age since I’ve blogged, after having all good intentions.

Work has been consuming, as usual. We have a business merger going on, which I’m hoping will solve the major stress issues of the current operation. I’m sure it will – it won’t be just me at the helm, for starters.  I guess it’s all very well to be the only one at the helm of you’re passionate about the boat you’re steering, but if you don’t have the passion then it’s on course for the rocks, as far as I can tell, and from what I’ve experienced as well.

I’ve been very preoccupied with writing stuff. I have a feature being published in MindFood magazine in a few months – I won’t go into detail at this time. I’m currently writing another, as well as doing a little bit of copywriting, and ploughing through my second novel. This is all in my spare time, mind you, of which I have little.

Onto home matters: Charlie suddenly decided she was obsessed with my chooks and, long story short, I basically have none left. It was very sad because I had raised two of them when Charlie killed their mother. I called them Tommy and Polly, as Jenna and I had binge-watched Peaky Blinders at around the time when we concluded Tommy was a rooster. I thought I had put all safeguards in place after the initial massacre, but Charlie found a way – I think by squeezing under a section of the paddock fence – and that was the end. Tommy’s death particularly I found very sad, as he was tame and had a cute crow.

I haven’t replaced the dead chooks at this stage. To be honest, with the unusual hot weather we have been having, they were attracting mice, I think – which I thought I could deal with by way of mice bait, but I was sitting out on the back deck a few weekends ago, and saw a strange movement in the paddock grass, just beyond the house.  I got up to have a look and realised it was a snake!  It slithered its way towards the house and into the carport. Never to be seen again.  Which I’m not sure is reassuring or not.  Before it did disappear, I took a photo and showed it to a friend who said it was a brown snake.  Yikes. That same friend said the snake would have been looking for mice and chooks. I think I will leave getting more chooks to when the weather gets more reasonable.  It’s been pretty awful lately, with the east coast on fire, and unusually hot, and dry.

I also lost Pumba. I’ve written about him elsewhere in this blog, in the Animal Life section. It was all very sudden, presumably heart attack, and he had been perfectly fine previously. I think I’m still recovering from that shock, and it’s taken me a while to stop looking for him every morning when I go out to feed the horses.

No doubt there has been other changes which I’ve neglected to mention and I’m sure they will come to me, in which case I will truly endeavour to update this blog.