Sparking Interest

Sparking Interest

I know I mentioned in my last post that I would update regularly now that Game of Thrones has returned, however I’ve been remiss in that.  The reasons would be as follows:

1. That thing that starts with “W” that I should not make reference to in this blog for my own mental health

2. To be honest, I’ve been a tad overwhelmed by the return of Game of Thrones and haven’t really been able to collect my thoughts on it!

3. I have made a concerted effort to develop lasting interests outside the thing that starts with “W”, also for my own physical and mental health. And it’s worked to the extent that I’ve been absorbed and time-poor because of it!

In regard to the second excuse, the fourth episode is in a matter of hours, and I’m still recovering from the third one. I can honestly say that I have never in my life seen a piece of film or television like E3S8 of Game of Thrones.  IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS EPISODE AND YOU DO NOT WISH TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, GO AWAY NOW! …..Yes, sure, there were a few tiny details that jarred – I really didn’t see the need for Jon to be flying around on Rhaegal as often as he did – the episode Beyond the Wall in S7 showed that Rhaegal was able to be effective without a rider. There were some crucial parts that appeared on screen to be a tad jumbled – the dragon fight, some of the ground fighting – Jenna and I kept exclaiming to each other ‘What’s happening?!” However, that all said, frankly I didn’t care in the slightest. The inability to see clearly was a clever tactic I believe on the writers’ parts because it added to the incredible viewer stress, and the experience as a viewer invested in the story and characters. The emotional impact at the end was extreme. Even now, if I watch a recorded reaction of Arya killing the Night King (eg the Burlington Bar reaction), my heart gives a little clench and I almost – almost – feel on the brink of tears. That’s my girl! To me, in hindsight, Arya being the one and the GOAT makes sense.  It was always going to be her.

Greatest of All Time

In regard to excuse 3, when all of the stress associated with “W” subsided, I decided that I needed very much to develop an interest outside “W”. Then it was a question of: ok, what? Game of Thrones doesn’t count. I do have other interests – as the chapters of this blog attest – however I had this feeling that I needed a mentally consuming interest rather than the physical ones I have – craft or piano or gardening or looking after my animals. Finding such an interest isn’t easy and I needed to ask myself – what sparks my interest say when I am reading the news or a magazine or even a book? I decided that when that spark happens, I need to quickly write it down then come back to it for reflection.

I ended up in fact adding so many bookmarks on my phone and now when I look at them I see I’m curious about certain news events or aspects of daily life or world issues. For example, almost without me noticing one day I found myself travelling deeper and deeper into the internet as I followed various links, absorbed in stories about the Stolen Generation.  Another time, I did the same thing with animal welfare issues in abattoirs.  On that occasion, I found myself on a statistics document published by the RSPCA and it showed that the RSPCA does not conduct random inspections in Queensland.  I was so curious about that that I actually emailed the RSCPA asking about it.  I did get a response (a nice response, and we are on the same side, don’t get me wrong), but it was certainly a response that required follow-up from me which I haven’t had a chance to do (because I got diverted by the Stolen Generation issue).

Animal welfare in abattoirs – an abiding interest

When I noticed I was digging deeper into the internet to satisfy my curiosity, I gave myself permission to ask questions, and I think in doing so I nurtured this interest. It sort of reminds me of university days I think, the researching. I don’t really know what I am intending to do with this interest, I don’t even know what it’s called, but it certainly has added an extra satisfying element to my life. Is it “adagio”? Certainly! Well, insofar as my definition of an adagio life is concerned anyway.