Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Who will sit on the Iron Throne?

Yesterday evening, my teenage son emerged from his room and asked me: “So, is Game of Thrones really just all about who gets to sit on that throne made of swords?”

As a background, anyone who has read this blog would know I’m a fan of Game of Thrones, the TV show (I’ve even now established a separate chapter of this blog devoted to it). I’ve watched the entire 7 seasons probably about four times. The characters are like family. I also found in the recent time of stress in my work-life that watching Game of Thrones re-runs was a perfect antidote – probably because it offered much-needed escapism? Needless to say, I am counting down the hours to 11am, 15 April 2019 (Australian time). I’m actually closing the office until 2pm – the perks of being the boss!

Although my daughter has watched the show, my sons haven’t, so I was excited to have one of them show an interest (sparked no doubt about the recent resurgence in publicity for the show).

I said to him, “Well, yes, basically”, but that seemed too simplistic. As my son disappeared into the kitchen to raid the fridge I called after him “It’s about a high stakes game where the players win or die. I can tell you all about it, if you like”.

“Maybe later”, was the reply, which despite the apparent dismissal was, in fact, a huge display of interest on my teenage son’s part. I have to admit I’m excited to introduce him to the world of Westeros and beyond.

Jon for the throne?

Driving into work this morning (I do a lot of thinking when I’m driving – probably not the safest thing!), I asked myself: who do I want to ultimately sit on the Iron Throne? I’d never really asked myself that question, I think because I don’t really care – it’s the journey, not the destination, after all.  I decided that probably I want to see Jon Snow there, but then I got to thinking about Cersei.

Cersei for the Throne?

Here’s the thing – even though I don’t like Cersei very much because of the things she’s done (her tormenting of Tyrion, the whole wildfire thing…), she, more than all of the other characters, invokes in me feelings that are quite profound. I understand some of her motives, even if her actions have been abhorrent – I understand her love for her children, her devotion to them, her unwavering determination to protect them. I also understand how humiliated she must have been with her imprisonment and then the walk of atonement and therefore her urge afterwards for revenge. I understand her yearning for power and respect (even if I don’t share the former).  So, I thought to myself this morning – if Cersei gets what she wants (revenge, power and respect), then maybe she might actually be a good ruler.  Certainly, Jaime makes reference to the years of peace that might ensue with Cersei being on the throne, and no one understands Cersei like Jaime does.  Maybe, then, I would like to see Cersei on the throne above everyone else (although she is there at the present time, in my opinion, she has no right to it, either by birthright or conquest – she’s there by default at the moment).

In any event, I expect I’ll be updating this blog with Game of Thrones snippets in the next few weeks as the final (sob) season is shown. Who knows, I may be sharing the event with my kids!