Being Creative

Being Creative

This last week has been eye-opening in terms of realising the effect of stress and the removal of it on one’s psyche.

I’ve never considered myself as being a stress or anxiety sufferer. Yes, sure, I experience both. I can even recognise physical ramifications of when I’m tense – for example, there’s always a direct correlation between a flare-up of an earache in my left ear and times of high anxiety – I don’t know whether it’s related to an impacted wisdom tooth I have on my left side, or teeth grinding when I’m asleep, or tension in jaw and neck and shoulders (perhaps all three), but for as long as I can remember when I’m overwrought I get an earache. Sometimes it’s so bad I’m literally popping pain killers for three days. Regardless, I THINK I recover from stress and anxiety pretty well. I have a few tactics – reading, sitting with Yogi and just reflecting, watching re-runs of Game of Thrones, generally being determinedly proactive in dealing with difficult situations rather than burying my head in the sand.

dog hug
Sitting with my dog – the best medicine!

One of those times of high anxiety has obviously been these last six months. And it has all been because of the business. I’ve had to slog at the business to remove the stressors. The “slogging” itself, the things I’ve HAD to do, created tension in themselves, so there was this unfortunate snow-ball effect. However now that I have turned the business around and the business-worry has gone, I’ve noticed something…

I’m looking at crochet and other patterns again. I’m writing, including in this blog. I’m back out in the garden and making plans. Generally, I’m being inspired creatively. As a result, ironically, those feelings are diluting the stress even more.

Go figure. I suppose there has to be a lesson in all of that. For the sake of one’s mental AND physical health, be creative at all times.

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