Meditations on life

Meditations on life

It’s been a while since I updated this blog – I ended up being consumed with work matters (no surprise there) and a few dramas at home,  and couldn’t fit blogging into my mindset unfortunately.

Work became so consuming and even stressful at times that I had to resort to certain measures to regain a sense of equilibrium. What I ended up doing was practising meditation on a daily basis.  I downloaded the Mindfulness app, and also the Headspace app, and now fluctuate between the two. I started off with guided meditations and also with listening to some of the courses, and now I often meditate without guidance, having picked up some useful tips. I suspect I am still very unskilled at it, but I have this feeling that it’s been of great benefit to me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’m aware of a certain peace. There is also a confidence in knowing that I can “retreat” to a peaceful place in times of pressure. I expect that sounds very odd to some, and even to me,  but it is something I’m aware of.

young woman meditation in the beach

As for my home-life, there have been a couple of dramas as I mentioned.  Unfortunately I lost my beloved Gendry my rescue horse in the aftermath of the intense stormy weather that we had a month ago, around the time of my last post.  I believe that the weather was just too stressful for him and he developed collitis.  He became a very sick horse and in the end I had to make the decision to give him a peaceful ending.  It was a very sad time, and my heart still aches when I go outside in the morning to do my chores and he’s not in his usual place waiting for his feed.

Not long after, we lost one of our geese as well – the only female of four that we had.  It was taken by a fox.  It was sad to see how the remaining three mourned for her and another sad moment every morning now when only three geese come up for their feed.

I guess aside from that, home life is fine.  My garden is an abundance of colour with the gladioli starting to bud and the roses thriving in the warm weather.  I have seen my plan through to have hanging baskets of petunias around, and they are going well – on impulse I picked up from Bunnings on the weekend a ready-made hanging pot of night sky petunias – so beautiful! 


I’ve read some excellent books in the interim – The Lost Man by Jane Harper being one. The descriptions provided in the novel of the Australian outback are hypnotic and the storyline is engrossing. Jane Harper is definitely one of my favourite authors after The Dry, Force of Nature and now The Lost Man.

I’m currently reading The Comforts of Home by Susan Hill which is the latest book (Book 9) in the DC Simon Serrailler series.  I’ve read the whole series although it’s been a while since I read book 8 so I was a tad lost in the beginning of The Comforts of Home as I couldn’t recall what had happened. This is an excellent series to devour though if you like crime/detective novels.

Hopefully I can resume my blogging practice now as it became very much an enjoyable a part of “my adagio life”.