Rainy Days and…Wednesdays

Rainy Days and…Wednesdays

There’s no doubt about the weather in this country.  A couple of weeks ago we were in drought. Since then there have been intermittent stormy rain periods but not enough to fill the dams to the rim. Even yesterday when I was driving past a dam up the road I clocked the fact that it was still very low.

A couple of hours later it was overflowing

We were basically inundated with this wild hail storm supercell thing that was also part tornado.  And since then it has been raining steadily. Where the land was a beige colour some weeks ago, then carrying a tinge of hopeful green, it’s now an emerald that would make the Irish jealous.


The hail was such that the ground ended up looking like it was covered in snow. My driveway was ankle deep in water because the damn drain at the end was blocked and the water was flowing into the horse stable beyond which became like a river was flowing through it.  My poor horses were obviously driven crazy by the noise of the hail on the roof of the stable, and chose to go outside, where of course they were driven more crazy. I was afraid for them, having visions of them slipping and breaking a leg. I ended up clearing the drain (it was blocked with leaves) and this solved the flooded driveway and stable river problem, and I threw half a hay bail into the stable to convince the horses it was ok to be in there. It did work but I didn’t want to shut them in, in case they freaked out again and kicked each other. By that time the hail had fortunately stopped but it was still raining heavily.

Image courtesy of drizaboneclothing,co.uk – no commission being received by me, was just the only decent pic I could find!

Afterwards, inside, as I pulled off my dripping clothes I thought again as I do every year – I have to get myself a drizabone – coat and hat. I have gumboots but the only thing I have by way of rain cover is the jacket I used in my running days when it was raining (yes, I was obsessed with getting my daily run in, whatever the conditions). It keeps my top half and my hair dry when I pull the hood on but it’s no use for my bottom half and for being able to see when you have horizontal rain pouring into your face which happened yesterday. Drizabone aren’t cheap,  but honestly, these sorts of weather events happen every year and I have to be equipped to be able to attend to the horses and any other outdoor crises that might happen.

I also think every year of getting a power generator but I never do. We didn’t lose power yesterday but plenty of people did. If we lose power we also lose water to the house because the pump at the tank runs on electricity. In past years I’ve stocked up before cyclone season on water, batteries for the torches etc but at the end of the day I may as well get a flipping generator.

I’m going to take  the bull by the horns this weekend and just do it on both counts.

That’s if we’re not cut off by flood waters. I have a feeling we are headed for flooding. Looking at the forecast for the next week all I see are predictions of a lot of rain. Shouldn’t complain, I know. However,  I think we may be forgiven for being a tad grumpy at Mother Nature and her capricious ways.

This has certainly been a week for just staying inside and being lazy. On Wednesday I had a busy day at work (what’s new) and, feeling really fatigued by 3pm, and knowing the kids would be at their dad’s for the night, I decided to go home early and just treat myself. I’m not embarrassed to say that I went through drive-thru at KFC first, for a three piece box (I actually feel a bit blah after consuming two or three pieces of KFC so that’s enough for me). When I got home, I got into my comfy clothes, made myself more comfy on the beanbags in the tv room, and started watching The Man in the High Castle while tucking into KFC and trying to ignore Yogi and Charlie staring and drooling at me (I failed in my ignoring attempts, no surprised there – I challenge anyone to ignore a dog’s beseeching eyes).


The Man in the High Castle kept me engrossed most of the evening  – what a great show and terrific premise, depicting a world where the Nazis and the Japanese won the Second World War. I watched it on Amazon Prime but it’s based on an even better classic book of the same name by Phillip Dick. Then I admit I switched over to The Bachelorette.  I’m not a Bachelor/Bachelorette aficionado but even I can pick up a formula being followed by the producers of this franchise. For example, you pick the horrors (the mean girls last season and the Paddy dude this season) and you know despite the drama build up at the rose ceremony (will they or won’t they get booted?!) that they definitely aren’t going to get booted until the show has milked enough drama from them.


So, that was my quiet, lazy, probably exceptionally boring to most, Wednesday evening. It had the desired effect though of recharging the depleted batteries.