Experience Magic. Read.

Experience Magic. Read.

If I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, there’s a good reason.

I’ve rediscovered the sheer joy of reading.

I’ve probably mentioned my love of books and reading few times in this blog. It goes further than that. Reading is to me a need. My mum used to say when I learned to read as a very young child – when the letters I knew suddenly formed into words I knew and those words became sentences – I changed from being a ‘difficult’ child to a serene one. I read EVERY night before going to sleep; I have to – I can’t sleep if I don’t. I never not have a book I’m not part of the way through. 


Something happened in the last five years or so, I guess. I still read books, of course. But I didn’t read as much or as many, because I never managed to take the time to read, except maybe five minutes before I fell asleep and every now and then on the weekends for ten minute stretches – where before I used to spend hours and even the bulk of a day reading.  I had the vague idea that it had something to do with the Kindle – there was something lost with not holding a ‘paper book’. However I wasn’t overly proactive in rectifying that. I was also aware of weird phenomena of not as many books ‘gripping’ me, not even the books of authors I ordinarily love. I still can’t figure that out…

Then last week I saw Liane Moriarty on The Project. I confess I’ve never read any of her books. No particular reason except maybe I thought vaguely she wrote ‘chic lit’ and I’m not really into that genre. She seemed a lovely, down to earth, intelligent, relatable lady. However, what effected me more was Carrie Bickmore’s comment that, like me, she wasn’t reading as much. Carrie mentioned instead of reading before sleep she instead scrolled through social media on her phone; I don’t do that, but I realised that I do scroll through my phone where before I would have read a book. Anyway, what changed Carrie was Liane’s latest book, Nine Perfect Strangers. The way Carrie held that novel in her hands (the paper version!) while she talked to Liane was with sheer reverence and gratitude – and I thought – I want that! I want to love and relish reading again!

So that evening I downloaded Nine Perfect Strangers.


All I can say is – hallelujah!

I haven’t finished it yet – a girl’s gotta work unfortunately! I will review it here when I’m done. Suffice to say that I was so wrong about the chick lit thing.  Nine Perfect Strangers is a fabulous, engrossing book. Better than that, as a result of reading it, I’ve recognised again just how much reading and books mean to me, how much a part of me that love and need is, I feel ME again. 

Put down your phones, fellow lost readers, and get hold of this book. Those magical doors will open for you again.

Thank you, Liane Moriarty! 


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