Energies beyond Logic

Energies beyond Logic

For the first time in my life on Friday I had a psychic reading.

The “medium” is a new client of mine, Mary, who I met for the first time that morning. She is well-known around town as the colourful lady who owns crystal healing shop on Main Street.


Meeting Mary was one of those rare occasions when you instantly like and click with someone. After we had attended to business, we got chatting and that’s when Mary revealed she did readings at her shop. On impulse I made an appointment with her for lunch time.

I went along, a tad wary, but also fascinated. After we sat down, Mary closed her eyes for a second, then when she opened them and immediately asked me if I felt like I was being followed.

040D302C-6FDF-45AD-865E-887BB7795280Practical, logical me at once presumed she was referring to a real person. I said I didn’t and she smiled and said she meant did I sense a spiritual presence or energy following me. I wanted to be fair so I thought for several more seconds and told her again that I didn’t. To be honest with you, I only know two “spirits” who’d probably bother themselves with following me, and that’s my parents. Whereas I think of them frequently I can’t say I feel them following me as such. Anyway, this spirit who is following me is apparently being a bit of a nuisance because my own spirit is trying to push it away, so Mary said.

She then spent the next ten minutes pressing one of her hands against my forehead and the other stroking down my back. Every now and then she would fling something away. She would also make blowing noises. This was apparently her getting rid of that spirit following me or the part of me that was trying to push it away… can’t remember which.  She told me afterwards that I would feel empty for a few days. 

For the rest of the hour, Mary talked about “owning my space” and “putting my plans out in the universe”. She told me some things about myself that were inaccurate and some that wouldn’t take Einstein to figure out. Every now and then she would close her eyes and then chuckle without really explaining what she found amusing. That was disconcerting.

A3E0BC9B-EBC1-4D50-81F6-D5AAAA113462Afterwards, even though I reassured her that her statements were “uncanny” and talked about coming back again, I can’t say that I felt it was a life-changing experience or even enlightening. Strangely though, yesterday, I was quite sombre with thoughts about the business – not so much about what I wanted but actually the prospect of putting the steps in place. I tried to distract myself with the garden and reading and this vest/duster I’m crocheting (thanks to Sassylovecrochet – pattern available on Etsy), and even started to watch Maniac on Netflix – which is a mind-blowing experience itself – but nothing could drown out the reflections about the business. I have no idea whether this is related to the “reading” – logical, pragmatic me says not.

I never really thought of myself as a believer in psychic readings and crystals and that sort of stuff. Perhaps that’s related to a long family history of being linked career-wise to maths and science and logical thinking. Mary did comment a number of times – in a mildly disapproving way it has to be said – about me and ‘logic’.

I like logic though – despite what Einstein himself said (above), I believe restricting yourself to thinking within the limits of your understanding and knowledge prevents time being wasted on worrying and hoping. 

For that reason I can’t say I’ll be rushing off to another “reading” or stocking up on crystals! Hopefully not to my detriment…