Follow every Rainbow

Follow every Rainbow

I watched The Bachelor Australia for only the second time on Wednesday night. Aside from the fact that I wondered why Brooke having had two relationships with women could be worthy of such a dramatic build up and tension in this new hopefully rainbow world, there was one other very small part that set me pondering.

The Bachelor asked one woman where she wanted to be in five years. I started to muse not over where I wanted to be in five years but where I wanted to be in less than two years.

Those familiar with this blog will know I NEVER talk about work – the whole point of me blogging is to have a sanctuary from work.  So, I won’t break that rule here. Suffice to say that for some considerable time I’ve had my eye on July 2020 because that’s when my work-life will change drastically and the current way my business operates will cease – by conscious choice.

Last night, while The Bachelor fortunately retreated to white noise in the background, the question to myself became not so much where I’ll be in five years but where I’ll be after July 2020. And I realised I’ve had an intense focus on that date without giving much plan to what lay beyond. I’ve had a few vague ideas of travelling around Australia in a caravan with Yogi and with any like-minded people who might be inclined to come along, but no other aim (for Yogi’s story click here or check out under the ‘Animal Life’ chapter in the Menu).

Oprah rainbow

Unlike some women on The Bachelor presumably, marriage and kids is not an aspiration of mine. I don’t even really want to go overseas again. I also have no interest in going further in my profession, which has never really lit my fires anyway to be honest, as unfortunate as that may sound.  It’s an odd feeling, and not entirely a comfortable one, having a dreamless future yawn ahead – a future without a dream that I’m aware of anyway. I’m still young-ish and healthy. I don’t want to waste my life by drifting along without any purpose.

climb every mountain

I’m sure somewhere inside there is my dream. Finding one’s dream and going for  it is not easy – the urge isn’t “climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow” for no reason. It takes courage, because following our dreams can lead to dark places; we are also daring to fail and often we are risking a great deal. What’s more, I’m guessing there is a very real chance that sitting on that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is actually a leprechaun taking a piss.

For all of us including myself, it’s first about finding what fuels us from within, what excites us. We will know it when we feel it. That’s the dream we are after. Then come what may, we must without evasion invest every moment of our lives in following that rainbow.  It may be a tough journey, replete with efforts and failures. However, every time the dream gets stuck in the sand, courage can pull it out, and we sail on. If there’s that cheeky and pesky leprechaun waiting at the end, then we simply set off on another rainbow.

And, oh, the colours of the journey on the way!