Gendry’s Life

Gendry’s Life

Once again it’s the weekend after a tough work-week, and my thought processes have gone into hibernation, so it’s time for a piece of fluff.

Although the story of one of my three horses, Gendry, isn’t ‘fluffy’ by any means. So let’s just say it’s time to add to my blog chapter Animal Life which features the stories of a number of my animals at home that form a major part of my “adagio life”.

Gendry is one of my rescue horses. He is about thirty years old, a bay thoroughbred gelding and,  from what I’ve been able to find out, a former racehorse.

The very sad part is he was rescued from dire conditions by a rescue organisation near the area where I live in Queensland. He was alone in a bare paddock without any food or water or shelter. When the rescue organisation retrieved him and obtained veterinary care for him, it was concluded he would die.

However, clearly he didn’t. I know now his big heart has a lot to do with that. The rescue organisation started to “hard feed” him – which basically meant feeding him nutritious meals six times a day, and obtained for him all the medical care he needed. When it seemed he would live they looked for a home for him. That’s when I turned up as I was looking for a paddock friend for Arya (one of my other horses) at the time.

Gendry before he came to live with me.

When Gendry came to live with me, I continued with the hard feeds – he was on four a day at the time – and as he started to flesh out I started to cut them back. Up until just this winter he was on one meal a day specially designed for old horses, and one biscuit of hay. At the start of this winter I thought he was starting to look a bit bony again so I increased his meals to two specials and one biscuit. Even though he’s looking better, I’m keeping him on that because grass is a bit scarce from the drought at the present time.


Gendry is a gentle giant. Meanders around contentedly, I rarely see him trot more than five strides, but then he is old and probably being cautious. Sometimes I look in his big brown eyes and think they look sleepy and vague but behind that — gratitude? Peace?

Close up of a bay horse's eye

Probably a fantasy but he does contemplate me a great deal. He has this habit of tottering around checking all of the water sources – trough, the buckets I have in the stable, the two dams, like he’s making sure they are still there. He gets on well with Arya and Ghost although will occasionally at meal time give Ghost a “look” as if to say “don’t come any where near my food”. And Ghost will walk off all innocent as if he never had any intention of it.

I don’t like to dwell on the life Gendry had before he was rescued but I’m happy he will live out his days in comfort with me. It’s the least I can do.

Kissing a Horse