Alfred’s Life

Alfred’s Life

Only feeling inclined to write a fluff post today – well, it’s Sunday and I don’t want to summon the effort to crank my thought processes too much.

Alfred is the youngest of my “animal family”. He (or she) is a Welsummer chick hatched just over two weeks ago.

One of my Rhode Island Red chooks, Cersei, was basically sitting on empty eggs for about a month, and I felt sorry for her so I popped onto Gumtree and purchased a dozen fertile Welsummer eggs and replaced the empty ones with these. Cersei dutifully kept sitting for another three weeks and Alfred was born. Unfortunately the remaining eleven did not hatch. I’ve never done chook surrogacy before so it was a very interesting experiment.

A Rhode Island Red hen

 The good thing is that Cersei is happy and a great mother to Alfred. I’m kind of glad that there weren’t more in hindsight, because I already have one Light Sussex hen (Eleanor), one Light Sussex rooster (Pippin), five Light Sussex chicks (well, they are about eight weeks old now – unnamed and gender not known), two Rhode Island Red hens (Cersei and Daenerys), one Old English Game rooster (McQueen), two Old English Game hens (called collectively LaverneandShirley as I can’t tell them apart), and I’m pretty sure both LaverneandShirleys are roosting – one is in Sansa’s bucket which I kept as a memorial to her (Sansa was one of my rescue horses that passed away), and one has decided to roost inside an empty feed bag, go figure.

My Sansa (RIP)

I like the Old English Game chooks, they are very independent and McQueen is a beautiful rooster – he is a “gold duckwing” of the breed. In any event, I have enough chooks with more on the way from the looks of it, so I’m glad only Alfred hatched.

An Old English Game rooster (gold duckwing)

We did toss up naming Alfred after one of Cersei’s children in Game of Thrones, however although I had an evil few seconds when I thought about “Joffrey” as a name, we decided to not tempt fate. Alfred has only recently started roaming further afield. She/he was down in the paddock with Cersei yesterday, but never straying more than six inches from her. I have no idea what I’ll do with Alfred if she/he is a rooster given that I have two already and that’s been a drama in itself. However I guess just like McQueen and Pippin have brokered a peace deal, I assume it will be sorted out, come what may.

To finish off and to describe and hopefully evoke in any reader an “adagio” sensation…

At this moment (as I swing gently in the pod chair on my back deck):

What do I hear?

💐 A plane engine in the distance, sounds like a joy flight

💐 Chook sounds – cheep-cheep of the chicks, clucking, bok-bokking

💐 The budgie and parrot sqwarking in the aviary 

💐 Yogi snoring at my feet

💐 Trickling water in the fountain

💐 Ghost peeing (he and Arya strolled up from the paddock to have a drink from the trough)

💐 Pumba panting down below  (he has never figured out how to come up stairs!)


What do I see?

🌞 Dry sunbaked landscape

🌞 Arya and Ghost snoozing

🌞 Birds soaring

🌞 Arya being a bit snitty with Ghost as he goes to walk behind her (he changes his mind)

🌞 Blue water in the dams and endless blue sky

🌞 A few cows beneath the trees in the distance

🌞 Encroaching passionfruit vine

🌞 Arya lying down for a sun bake 931C96E3-3EB7-44A9-9603-11877EB175B9.jpeg

🌞 Two bin chickens  (aka white ibis) on the fence, eying the chook food

🌞 A galah also on the fence eying the chook food 


What am I feeling?

🍄 Relaxed

🍄 Not really looking forward to work tomorrow  but resigned

🍄 Warmth of sun on my bare feet

🍄 light spring breeze


What am I tasting?

💫 Coffee

💫 French vanilla creamer


What am I thinking?

🍏 Ghost needs a brush

🍏Have to get to Bunnings to get weed zapper and rose gun

🍏 Have to cut back my passionfruit vine

🍏 that this ended up being a long post

🍏 I’d better feed the kids