Honour has left the building

Honour has left the building

I made a decision last night. 

It came about as a result of surfing Facebook. I deactivated my personal account a few months ago, however I still have a Facebook page for the business. One of the girls at work maintains it, although I receive emails if someone likes or follows the page. Usually I don’t pay attention to those emails, but last night two came through which rocked me. 

One was notifying me that a former colleague,  Adam,  liked and was following the page. I used to work for Adam about ten years ago, he was a barrister – still is, I presume. We had a really great relationship, for all he was difficult to work with on occasion – he had a tendency to be arrogant and he was always striding around the office as if he was fed up with everyone, but he was never that way with me. When he did stride around it was usually when he had his black barrister robes on, and they would billow around him; it was a jaw-dropping sight, to be honest.



Kind of made you wish you could watch it in that slow motion effect they sometimes employ in the movies for extra impact. There’s a bit more to his story but I’ll leave that for another time.

The other person who liked and followed the page was Tom. I knew he was on Facebook but for various reasons we were never “friends”. I had also never checked out his Facebook page, however when the email came through I followed the various links and landed on his page.

He hadn’t posted much that was public. A lot of it was boring stuff about car parts. However what shook me to the core was in one recent post he’d expressed his admiration for the views of Fraser Anning that I’ve written about in this post. 

I said in that post that I knew Tom shared that numbskull’s views, however I think I’ve been so fuzzy-brained by Tom’s subsequent sexual impact that I’d shut my mind to the knowledge. Reading Tom’s post was a wake-up call.

It didn’t end there. I scrolled a bit further down to read another post that had an anti-Muslim angle to it. What was even more distasteful was the stream of comments by others agreeing with his views. Actually to be honest, the level of crude swearing, bad spelling and poor grammar in those posts was almost as objectionable.

I shut Facebook down and at the same time just knew that the association with Tom needed to end. I literally cannot love someone who thinks the way he does. I just can’t. Yes, I’m sure the fact I can’t means I’m just as narrow-minded as he is, but… there you have it.

I plan to tell him we need to go our separate ways the next time I see him. I won’t tell him why, I don’t want an altercation. I’ll just tell him he’s too much of a distraction, which is perfectly true. 

I suppose what else can you expect from your average person, when the supposed leader of the free world re-tweets anti-Muslim videos posted by a far-right  British political group. That man needs to get off Twitter, he’s an embarrassment to his country and humanity in general. This world is seriously messed up. Here in Australia we just witnessed car-crash politics and somehow ended up with our fifth Prime Minister in five years, but I’m not sure what’s worse – the fact that it happened or I just don’t give a damn who the PM actually is. 

I’m not on Twitter either but I found this on the news, which not only perfectly describes Australian politics but in my opinion leadership of the world in general. Honour has left the building indeed.


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