Jelly Beans for Jerks

Jelly Beans for Jerks

In the wake of the rampaging lust monster yesterday came a sobering recognition today of exactly why Tom and I never worked out in any way other than the sexual.

The recognition came courtesy of – of all things – the maiden speech in Parliament of Senator Fraser Anning, a speech which has sent shockwaves through this country. 

This is a guy who is an elected  representative. However, he received 19 votes. How very Trumpian. Go figure. I guess that’s another story though. In his maiden parliamentary speech last night this colossal moron used Adolf Hitler’s preferred euphemism for the Holocaust, “the Final Solution”, to endorse his stance on immigration. In the process he also demonised Muslims, and endorsed the White Australia policy.

He’s no doubt basking now in the publicity in the aftermath of his speech, so I’m not going to give this deadshit the satisfaction of any more attention. The thing is… he is the voice of many, I know that for a fact, living in this part of Australia. And one of that many is Tom himself.

Tom’s views are a major reason why I walked away over three years ago. I couldn’t tolerate the hate, the ignorance, the narrow-mindedness, the fear, the unwillingness to consider the alternatives, the lack of humanity, the endless preaching and soap-boxing.

It’s so hard to reconcile the Tom I THOUGHT I loved a matter of days ago, with the Tom that, frankly, I despised three years ago. It’s very confusing. If I met Fraser Anning, I wouldn’t shake his hand… but Tom, who shares the same views, I’m intensely intimate with?

I like to think I have a moral code. Principles I abide by. I don’t push my beliefs on people, and perhaps because I’m silent, I believe I have to be committed in other ways to my beliefs if someone I love and trust seemingly demands I betray them. That’s what Tom did, and ultimately my commitment was expressed by walking away. 


However, perhaps the way I went about it was wrong. I could have revealed my ideals as obvious and unapologetic by standing up and speaking out instead of walking away. I could have demanded respect or at least understanding by holding fast (after all I suppose I can’t demand respect if i can’t give it in return). 

I find the views expressed by Anning and company to be sickening, despicable, frightening, evil. “The only necessary thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” are the famous words of another parliamentarian Edmund Burke. I daresay walking away and being silent is tantamount to doing nothing. I never thought of myself as not being courageous. Yes, I avoid conflict, despite my profession but I’m not a coward. However, I’m beginning to wonder whether the brave thing to do when confronted with the preachings of Anning and – yes – Tom, is to have a voice also. 

As for love…? Surely disliking the sin and loving the sinner aren’t incompatible. Maybe not in a perfect world I suppose. But that requires at least mutual respect and understanding, which didn’t exist between Tom and I three years ago.  And in any event, how can you love someone who passionately hates others for their religion or the colour of their skin? Makes no sense to me.

Anning purported to explain himself in the media today with these words: 

“Unfortunately if you have a jar of jelly beans and three of them are poison you’re not going to try any of them….I can’t tell who’s who… I think the safest thing for Australians is that we don’t have any of them”.

Here’s some jelly beans for you, Anning.


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