This is the story of one of my horses, Ghost.


I’d developed a “thing” of rescuing horses. I have vast paddocks, a good dam, and I figured I’d put them to use. I know next to nothing about cows, sheep or alpacas. I value my garden too much to have goats. I had pigs at one point who I LOVED, B914F170-39E1-4049-8E1C-98D6CCBD548Fhad them from piglets, they had a fantastic, large, strong enclosure… but unfortunately they managed to get out and I came home one day to find them hanging out in my garden having a feast. What was funny or interesting about that episode was that they were hanging with the dogs as well, all of them getting on famously. One of the pigs had developed tusks, so conceivably could have caused some injury, but he was very tame. Still, I really had no choice but to find them another home. That enclosure was like Fort Knox. BFF had a friend who reassured me he would take them off my hands and keep them as pets…yes, I can be very trusting but I believed him.


I’ve always loved horses and did a lot of riding at one point until I lost my nerve. I’ll never ride again. So I figured – why not rescue horses, ones that didn’t need to be ridden or couldn’t be?


My first rescue was Arya.



That’s not the name she was given but as is a habit with me, I tend to name and rename my animals, most of them anyway – Yogi and Charlie being the exceptions. I think it’s a way of initiating them into my home. With Yogi and Charlie, they were born to be those names, had grown into them.


I won’t go into Arya’s story right now as this is not about her. My next rescue was Gendry.

Gendry looking healthier than when he first came to me

The next was Sansa (RIP), and then Ghost.



I purchased Ghost from the dogger sale yards. He stood out obviously because of his colour but also his manner.

Ghost as I first saw him at the doggers saleyards


When I first saw him he was in a tiny pen with two other horses, and had been bossed into a corner. However, he was alert, watching everyone that passed, and established eye contact with me straight away. He wanted to come up to the fence but the other two wouldn’t let him. Anyway, as much as there were so many other sad cases there and I would have taken them all if I could, I spoke to a girl who was doing the bidding for people and told her I wanted Ghost.


I didn’t know much about him, just that he was “about seven”, and couldn’t be ridden. I did win him in the auction and then he spent a week at a rescue ranch getting checked over before coming to me. He was healthy, if a bit underweight, was good with floating, and had no personality issues. To this day I have no idea why he was surrendered to the doggers.


Ghost at home (in background) with from left to right Gendry, Arya and Sansa

Ghost enjoys human company. My other horses are well-behaved, calm (although Arya can be bossy), however they don’t really drop everything, so to speak, as soon as you appear in the paddock – Ghost is a bit like a dog in that regard, will react in visible happiness and will gallop up to you.  He enjoys what I call canoodling or smooching, and in actual fact if you ignore him he’ll nudge you for a smooch. He has a bad habit of swimming in the dam then rolling which makes him filthy – sometimes I forget I have a white horse – however, whatever makes him happy I guess. Obviously, he’s beautiful. Only yesterday he was galloping for some reason around the dam, his mane and tail flowing (he was clean for once), and he looked like the silver brumby. I wished I’d had my phone camera but I never do when something like that happens. Another funny thing that happened yesterday  – I heard a terrific racket in the shed, things falling over, and I go in there to find Charlie crashing around with a bag of horse feed stuck over her head (see here for Charlie’s story).  It was very funny, but didn’t have my phone with me then either. Hopefully the episode will deter Charlie from trying to eat the stuff as I’m getting a bit over the farts.

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