Fluff – John Farnham and Celine Dion

Fluff – John Farnham and Celine Dion

Just a bit of lightheartedness for a Friday evening, after a manic but good work-week.

I’m sure like many Aussies these past 48 hours, I’ve enjoyed watching videos of Celine Dion and John Farnham singing our unofficial anthem “You’re the Voice” during Celine’s final performance of her Australian tour:

For me personally this has brought back very old memories, of the era when “Whispering Jack” was at the top of the charts and you couldn’t go to any shopping centre without hearing John’s incomparable, powerhouse voice soaring from the sound system. IMG_0007I remember particularly one summer in Tweed Heads in 1988 (I think!)  I was at Tweed Mall with my sister and my then 3 year old nephew who was asleep in his stroller. I clearly recall “Pressure Down” starting to belt out through the speakers, and my nephew’s little chubby leg started to kick in time to the beat. Although he didn’t wake up!  John had that sort of effect. My mum used to refer to John as “Johnny Farnham” because that’s how she best rememberd him, from “Sadie the Cleaning Lady” days:

Oh my.  God bless him, as mum would say. I’m sure many Australians have John Farnham anecdotes to relate. And to see him coming out onto the stage to sing with Celine…just awesome. I can’t say I’ve been a Celine fan – she seems a lovely genuine lady, fantastic voice, but I’ve never been keen on the cheesy songs in her repertoire. However, she won me over with her graciousness and “fangirling” over John, and she seems to have a lovely, warm presence on the stage.

John, though… what can I say. Keep coming back, Jack. You are a true legend.



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