My Game of Thrones family

My Game of Thrones family

I’m not sure why my thoughts drifted towards Game of Thrones today. It’s been almost a year since the final episode of season 7 and a good chunk of a year before season 8 drops. I haven’t even randomly chosen an episode to watch for several months.

However, drift it did. I got to thinking of THAT episode:

That last ten minutes of Spoils of War is simply the best tv I have ever watched, in a season filled with best tv. I was deliberately home during the day when it first aired and not in the office, to watch it “live” (the benefits of having your own business), and I was texting Jenna while she was at school, filling her in without too many spoilers:



Those were the days. I only started watching GoT in 2015 so had several seasons to binge-watch first. Best tv discovery ever. I tried to get TFW into it (see here and here and here for part of his story), but he couldn’t get his head around it, even though I had a family tree printed out for him and ‘coached’ him through the first two episodes. He couldn’t seem to grasp the crossover into the mythical and fantastical, and all of the complex, rounded characters and their relationships. Me, it was all that which has made me so emotionally-invested. That and the fact that it quite simply is a well-told story.

My favourite episode – obviously the one above. Closely followed by Viserion’s resurrection as the ice dragon.

For emotional pow: when Viserion was brought down by the Night King and the burning of the Red Keep.

My favourite characters: Arya, Oberyn, Drogon, Jon, Ghost, Tyrion.


Characters I’m suspicious of – Sansa (sorry), Daenerys (sorry), Cersei (obviously). Surprising characters I like who I’d like to emerge victorious in some way: Brienne, the Hound, Jaime, Jaqen, Gendry, Sam, Tormund. The character whose death struck me profoundly: Oberyn (omg).

Scene which has gone down in folklore but which didn’t effect me all that much: The Red Wedding – possibly because I first watched it some years after it aired and I’d heard all about it before I watched it. And I was never really exceptionally emotionally involved with Robb, Catelyn and Talisa. Of course I’m not indifferent to any character, it’s impossible not to regard each and every one as a family member, even the horrible ones. Can’t wait for season 8.

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