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Introduction to this chapter of my blog

Part of this blog is about books because books are a huge part of “my adagio life”.

My one regret lately, with being so busy with work, is that I haven’t been reading as much. Since I could read, it’s been a habit that I will read when I get into bed, before I go to sleep. I literally can’t fall asleep unless I read first, usually something fiction. In recent months though, I’m either so tired, or nothing I read “grabs” me enough, and I can only read maybe a few paragraphs before I fall asleep.

My Kindle Voyage


I’ll also read to relax or “veg” during the day, however I’m also doing less of that. I have been crafting and gardening a lot so perhaps that’s one reason. It’s also been going through my mind that perhaps Kindle-reading is the problem. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle, and because of it I have read many books that I ordinarily wouldn’t have read. However, there’s something about the “paper version” – holding a real book in your hands, turning the pages, even folding down the corner of a page before you go to sleep (yes, sacrilege!) Perhaps the answer is to strike a happy medium between the Kindle and a “real book”.

One of the best bookstores!

When the kids and I have had a weekend in Brisbane (our version of “the big smoke”!), one of our favourite things to do is go to Dymocks. AC0486EF-7F80-4573-8A87-4B598A2E8E46We inevitably walk away with several large bags of books – and I buy my share as well, despite having a Kindle! Love that store! Just strolling around, browsing; like-minded people doing the same or either lounging in the chairs or murmuring to each other. I catch the eye of some of them and there’s usually a flash of understanding and a small shared smile. 

Anyway, I thought I would at times review books in this blog or just muse like I’ve done here today. It will hopefully bring my focus back to the one thing in my adagio life that makes me happiest. 

Currently reading


I’m currently reading “Scrublands” by Chris Hammer – on my Kindle, and was recommended via my Kindle because I’d read “The Dry” by Jane Harper (itself one of the best books I’ve read in recent times). 427264D0-97D2-47A1-9E89-D1C553526C69

So far “Scrublands” is really great. I’ll review it when I’m done.

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