Piano Life

Piano Life

On 17 May 2017 I acquired the possession that is most precious to me (for the record I don’t consider my animals to be possessions…) – an Alex.Steinbach AS150D Classic baby grand piano. The above is a photo of this work of art, this masterpiece of an instrument, in the exact colour.

The photo doesn’t reveal its true mastery though. My piano is a “regular” piano which is what I wanted – I didn’t want a fancy electronic modern keyboard – however it has wonders built into its underside which frankly defy the imagination, and that allow it to be more than just a “regular” piano.

The technology is known as PianoIQ. I suppose you would say – to put it simply – that the technology allows the piano to perform like the old pianolas in that it can play by itself. However, it’s that and so much more. The piano came with a new IPad which had on it already installed a library of music, and the idea is you basically connect the IPad to the piano wirelessly (as if the piano was an internet router….?), choose a piece of music on the IPad and…the piano will play it.  The technology is slightly over my head but that’s what happens.

The IPad library contains orchestral pieces where the piano plays the piano part obviously, and the sound of the orchestra belts out from the piano’s in-built speakers. It’s like being in your own concert hall.

We are also talking about Billy Joel being in your living room singing “Piano Man”, or the ABBA singing “Dancing Queen”.

It took five hours for four burly men to move the piano the 20 metres from the driveway to the downstairs living room. It was an inch-by-inch operation and I had my heart in my mouth many times. At one point I had to return to work to attend to some crisis or other. When I raced back home, the piano movers had gone, however the piano tuner was still there. I parked out on the road as he had his truck on the driveway, and walked towards the house. As I came closer, I heard “Hey Jude” coming from the house. My piano was doing the music and it was as if the Beatles were in my living room. The sound was phenomenal and I felt as if my heart tripped a beat. To this day if I’m asking my piano to play me something, “Hey Jude” will be on the repertoire. It was an experience I’ll treasure.

I don’t know if this post has done my piano justice. It’s not really possible to rhapsodise enough about it.  I know for a fact that videos I take don’t do it justice but hopefully they go some way towards showing what an awesome piece of art these instruments are, so here is one:







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