Chook Life

My chook population has suddenly sky -rocketed. Not from me being tempted at poultry sales either.

I went into the kitchen yesterday evening and as I stood at the kitchen bench I heard loud cheeping through the window. The window overlooks the chook house and it didn’t take any guesses to know what the cheeping was, given that Eleanor had been roosting for about three weeks.

The cheeping was quite strident so I knew something was up. I called out to Jenna that we had chicks and we both raced outside, Jenna with her phone torch.

Sure enough, four little tiny fluffy yellow chicks were piled on top of each other just outside Eleanor’s roosting box where she was still sitting.  The side of the box was too high for them to get in, hence the loud cheeping. Jenna popped them back in and all was well. We put a thick slab just outside the box so it wouldn’t be such a drop if they climbed out and so they’d easily be able to get back in.

Today there were five chicks. We have put  a water feeder on the slab and I bought some chick starter, and the chicks can easily have something to eat and drink before getting back in with Mum. Eleanor helps herself too which is good. The chick starter won’t hurt her and I can’t leave normal pellets there because I don’t want the chicks eating that stuff yet.

They are purebred light Sussex which is cool. My favourite. Gonna need a bigger chook house though…

As for the new three, I saw Pippin chasing McQueen this morning but McQueen just jumped on top of the aviary to get away. Problem solved.

Tom… I’m avoiding the subject by writing about chooks.

I ended up sending him a birthday message. The fond feelings had grown since our encounter the other day. It was good to see him, and even good just to sit there in silence while he talked talked talked. And good to hug him…

So I sent him a message through Messenger. Just happy birthday, hope you have a great day. It took him a while to respond, but he did with a “thank you 😘”. I sent him a “😘” back and I know he read it. That’s all. But it just seems to me there was a whole lot more said, if you know what I mean.

Weekend tomorrow.  Alleluia.


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