Another Sunbonnet Sue Suncatcher

I still need to make some modifications to the design and pattern but I made another suncatcher based on the Suncatcher Sue broom doll pattern mentioned in the previous post:


The dress and bonnet were a different pattern than the yellow one – not sure I like it as much. One again I had the DMC in my stash (used various shades of pink) and I had the suncatcher also, one I made a while back that was hanging around. I did go to Lincraft to buy foam balls but instead used a foam bell for that skirt, largely because of the design of the skirt which isn’t as ballooning as the yellow one. I thought the bonnet needed to be more flat than a foam ball would allow.

I do think that if I took the suncatcher apart a bit and modified it so it held the foam further up in the skirt, it would have worked nicely, but by the time I realised it I knew I’d have to uncrimp the bead at the top and if I did I might end up cutting the tiger tail, and I didn’t have any tiger tail left to remake the thing, so I just left it. I also think I need to taper upper section of the dress where it fits into the bonnet. That’s easily done and something for the next time. Not sure I’ll launch right back into making another one though as I want to do something different, not sure what yet!

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